“Kayzar is an exciting rollercoaster of an adventure from start to finish. Where real world meets fantasy with charming results. Filled with escapades at every turn it is appropriate for both boys and girls. It has strong positive messages without ever resorting to preaching. It is a wonderful book for parents to share with their children, or just read it on their own. It truly is a book for children of all ages. I should know, I’m 46 and loved every minute of it.” David Anthony, 'International Theatre and Event Producer'

“Josh is a troubled ten-year-old when he meets Manny, and it’s under no usual circumstances that the two become friends. From camping by the banks of a river to tumbling into a castle and leading a royal quest, Josh is forced to face challenges from within as well as whatever a magical new world has to throw at him. On his journey, with the help of a host of new friends, Josh discovers who he really is and who he is capable of becoming. Adapting to a different way of life and learning about others as well as himself, Josh must forge his own path and fight alongside his friends to defeat a great evil.

This story explores the beauty and depth of the relationships we can have with our parents and our friends, as well as the messages we carry with us from childhood. At the same time, we go on a rip-roaring adventure that spans worlds and join a fellowship in pursuit of a King’s most prized possession.

With lyrical description and imaginative insight, Thomas weaves a magical tale that explores the connections we are capable of across time, despite any distance. A fantastic adventure story and so much more, in its pages we find young friends coming of age and with them we find out what true treasure is made of.” Sara Litchfield, Managing Editor, Right Ink on the Wall.

“My favourite part was…the whole story. It really keeps you awake and wanting to read more!” Esha, 11

“I love this book and found it easy to imagine the scenes in my mind.” Jaydon, 10

“I really liked how each character had their own strengths and stand out personalities – that was really cool. It was fun reading about Poppet in particular.” Talia, 11

“My favourite characters are Ruby, Manny, Hawke and Josh.” Sophia, 8

“I liked this book because the main characters meet up in the same world. My favourite character was Demetri because he was good at archery, was a good swordsman and he was kind and brave. I would recommend this book to people who like adventure and fantasy stories.” Randall, 10

“This would be a good book for girls or boys because there are so many important characters in the story.” Lucas, 11

Inspire Change

“Inspire Change is a book of acceptance. It has a wonderful structure and framework to help you discover what’s important right now, and what to make of it in your current world. It’s about being adaptable, and feeling ok about changing our purpose.” Andrew Griffiths – International Bestselling Author, Speaker and Mentor.


Bedtime! Anytime! by ethereal_mind

More than a book for bedtime. Book 1 in the Yabby Tales Series is truly delightful. Beautiful illustrations support this warm and sensitive story of Kevin the Yabby and his little nipper fears. Great for children who can read alone and perfect for reading and sharing with your own “Little Nipper”. Bedtime! is a real hit with the little ones in my world. We are looking forward to more books in the series, this one is always on constant replay.

Love the rhyming story by Mumofstacks

This is a great book to read to little ones who are scared of the dark or for older ones to read on their own. I loved the flow of the language and the pictures are bright and cheerful.