The Yabby Tales Series featuring Kevin the Yabby are designed to start conversations with littlies about their fear of the dark or their struggle to deal with loosing. The following links will enable you to download some simple colouring pages and activities to allow these conversations to continue long after the story has been read.

Kevin also has his own facebook page, so your littlies are welcome to send in their pictures with a first name, age and suburb for Kevin to post on his page.

Mail to: Kevin the Yabby, C/- Georgia Thomas, PO Box 4024, Wyongah NSW 2259.

(Return addresses or full names will never be published online)


Colour Kevin (As he appears on the cover of Bedtime!)

The Giant Cupcake (What toppings will you add?)

Pond Scum Delight (Mmm...Delish!)

Shapes 1 (Cut, match & paste shapes over their shadow)

Shapes 2 (A few trickier shapes to cut around)

Shapes 3 (Which shapes overlap to form these shadows?)

Letter Jumble (How many words can you make from these letters?)

Magazine scavenger hunt (Cut and paste from old magazines)

Stars above (Draw yourself looking up at the night sky)

Teeth (Brush those pearly whites)