Freedom Is.

A couple of weeks ago I posted an image with the words, ‘Freedom is…’ and invited readers to complete the phrase.

Some of the responses were, ‘to live in Australia,’ ‘to have choices’ and ‘to live the life you want for yourself.’ As I thought about those statements, I realized...


Even though we may struggle with issues of self-worth at times, most of us believe that people are fundamentally valuable. Human life is precious.

While we wrestle with how that understanding is applied in our own lives and those we kiss goodnight, there is yet another application of that principle to grasp....

My Masterpiece

I recently came across a meme attributed to ‘Sarah Bush’ that read, “It is possible to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress.”

I loved the images those words conjured and they’ve rattled about in my head over the past week.

This Little Light...

Have you ever been walking in the dark, while someone else holds the flashlight? Did they shine it on things ahead of themselves and leave you stumbling over obstacles you didn’t see coming? Some ‘torch holders’ will shine it up into the trees, tease the cat with it, or even light up their own mouth while you twist your ankle in a pot-hole.


From the outset, I should say that these thoughts have nothing to do with society’s criminal element, and everything to do with an expression used to describe our most vulnerable parts.

Flesh and Blood

I’ve been avoiding this topic for a while now because I wanted to write from a positive place, rather than just vent to the precious folk who read these posts. Like many of you, life has dealt me my fair share of valleys, brambles and tears. 

The Path Well Travelled

This may come as a bit of a shock to some readers, but we are not necessarily as unique as we’d like to think. And I believe that’s a good thing.


A little while ago (as daughters often do) I tried to call my mother to unload recent events upon sympathetic ears. She had visitors, so I committed to call again ‘soon’, but as I hung up the phone I could feel a wave of numbness come over me (my go-to coping strategy) as if something inside me knew what was up ahead.

Take My Hand

Such a simple statement that contrasts thoughts of friendship, comradery and protection, with dramatic images of rescue and salvation – not just in a spiritual sense, but saved from circumstances or even saved from ourselves.

Failure is the new black

About 6 weeks ago I wrote a piece for Smallville on the importance of embracing failure. I imagined a world where we could learn the value of failure early in life and even welcome its experience.

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